week 20

Sketch of application available : NoYes, find enclosed ( upload )

Note – a brief sketch of the application really helps us provide a clear understanding of your application.

Application : liftingpulling

Working Load Limit (WLLSWL) : kg

m/min in fixedvariable / 2-speed; / m/min.

Drum type:smoothgroovedmulti compartment x

Will people be under the suspended load : YesNo

Note – If yes, you are unable to raise and lower whist people are under, people are only allowed under the load when the load is stationary.

Ambient temp. - °C. / + °C,

Duty : continuousintermittent; times per dayweekmonth

electric ; V AC / phase / Hz


Special electric motor features : PTCtopicalizationemergency hand crank encoderheater

Winch options :

Pressure roller : YesNo - Steelstainless steelnylon

Drum guard : YesNo

Auto spooling : YesNo

Emergency cranking : YesNo

Controls electric :

Local panel with push-buttons : YesNo

Overload protection : YesNo

Pendant control : YesNo

Pendant control and line pull limiter : YesNo

Radio control : YesNo

Control voltage : 48v24v

Environment : indooroutdoor

Protection class for control panel IP 55IP 65 or IP

Limit switch: YesNo - 24 or more contacts

Space heater: ( VAC / Hz) YesNo

Frequency inverter for variable speed control : YesNo

Paint finish, standardmarine off shore

( Standard RAL 5010 Gentian blue)

& (upload pictures)