Sketch of application available : YesNo, find enclosed ( upload ) Note – a brief sketch of the application really helps us provide a clear understanding of your application.

(kg) If winching: liftingpulling

If jacking: pullingpushing Travel distance mm (yesno)

If jacking the length of the rackspindle (mm)

If jacking how many jacks connected in total Please describe the load you to raise and lower

Manual operation/ powered operation; if powered state voltage (V) (Ph) (Hz)

Environmental conditions : Ambient temp. - °C. / + °C,

Duty : continuousintermittent ; times per dayweekmonth
Brief description of environment

How will the product be mounted; base/columnfloorwallceiling
If you are enquiring about a portable davit please provide; (mm) reach, (mm) height

Any other important information: & (upload pictures)