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1889.20 – ISO Lifting Jacks – 1745 removable – 20 tonne

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Product Description

Product Overview – ISO Container Lifting Jacks

Container Lifting Jacks are suitable for lifting containers on and off trucks without the need of a crane on site. Perfect for confined spaces or where cranes are unable to access. Our lifting stems are modular in design, so that low-cost solutions are available for your specific requirements. A lifting system consists of four lifting supports. Depending on the application of the lifting support, the following technical parameters can be achieved:

  • Raise and lower Container weights of 4 t to 15 t
  • Lifting heights from 500 mm to 1,750 mm (Optional maximum: 2,000 mm)
  • Attachment to ISO corners
  • Position Control – Innovative inclinometer-based position control is a special characteristic of our lifting systems.
  • Lifting and lowering action parallel to the ground during loading operations in uneven terrain (patented)
  • Automatic initial inclination detection
  • Inclination offset to zero degrees
  • Control precision: +/- 0.1 degrees
  • Safety shutdown when inclination exceeds 3.5 degrees (or 6 degrees, as required)
  • Individual support control unit available as optional attachment
  • In addition to our standard lifting system products, we offer customized designs:
  • Non-standard lifting heights
  • Modified basic carrying capacity
  • Specially adapted mounting and interlocking systems
  • Special base plates
  • Holding fixtures for easy lifting support transportation
  • Tailor-made solutions with regard to functionality and intended uses
  • Advice and assistance to customers implementing specific projects
  • Special colours and paint coats
  • Expertise and expedient performance when it comes to tests, trials and provision of samples
  • Special manual winch to assemble heavy items


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