Rack and Pinion Jack Type 1624 – 750kg / 3000kg – Pushing / Pulling

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Product Description

Product Overview – Rack and Pinion Type Jack 1624 – 750kg / 3000kg – Pushing / Pulling

Rack & pinion jack for easy and secure lifting lowering, adjusting, etc. of all kinds of loads.

  • Self-locking security crank, keeps the load in every required position
  • Easy and precise operation through optimal gear ratio
  • For pulling or pushing loads
  • Loads from 1500kg – 10 tonnes

Special versions on request:

  • Different rack lengths
  • Different lifting/movements
  • Drive shafts to connect several jacks together
  • with internal brake and removable crank
Type 1624 205194 205203 205204 205205
SWL 750kg 3000kg 3000kg 3000kg
Pulling / Pushing version Pushing Pulling Pulling Pulling
Rack Length 2355mm 1350mm 1800mm 2350mm
Movement 1800mm 800mm 1250mm 1800mm


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