Screw jacks type HK

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Product Description

Product Overview – Screw Jacks

Screw Jacks are mainly used for raising and lowering maintenance platforms, opening and closing air dampers, oven doors, sluice gates, adjusting tooling machine beds, cable tension and workplace tables.
In addition to the broad range of applications and industries for mechanical actuators, they are also used as alternatives to hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

  • Screw jacks (mechanical actuators) includes mechanical actuators (machine screw and ball screw) from 800kg to 125 tonnes
  • Available in stainless steel (housing and spindle)
  • High duty cycle actuators, motorized machine screw and ball screw actuators
  • Electric cylinders and motor control systems
  • Accessories include mitre gear boxes
  • c-face motor adapters
  • Limit switches
  • Transducers, visual and digital position indicators
  • Couplings
  • Ball screws and ball screw systems
  • Locking rings


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