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Single Sluice Gate Drive 1212

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Product Description

Single Sluice Gate Drives to open and close sluice gates on canals and rivers.

  • Internal self-actuating brake keeps the charge in every required position
  • Easy and effective operation through optimal gear ratio
  • For manual operation and power drive
  • Load: 1 – 6 tonnes
  • Dimensions individually adjusted to your requirements
  • Accessories on request: –
  • Rack with protective cap
  • Rack covered with fixed protective tube
  • Various surface protection
  • Control


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10 months 28 days ago

what is the maximum lifting range….need 36″ does the lift have a mounting base? how many turns for 1 inch of travel? cost for quantity of 2? can lift be used outdoors, year round?

10 months 25 days ago

Hi Andrew, thank you for your question. & we`re sorry for the delay.
1, Yes these are able to be left out all year round.
2, Lift – depending on the type of drive required anything from 14mm (0.55 if an inch) to 4mm (0.16 inch) per crank revolution
3, I will send you a separate email with some questions.

Many thanks,