haacon-Base/Column Mounted-Manual Cable Drum Winch-Type KWV 650-650kg

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Product Description

Product Overview – Base or Column mounted winch type KWV/KWE

Modern base or column mounted winch ideal for heavy duty applications

  • Automatic load pressure brake prevents unintentional lowering of the load (Self Sustaining)
  • Lifting capacity from 300kg to 1250kg
  • Ideal for heavy duty
  • Column or base mounting
  • Lightweight
  • High efficiency through spur gearing
  • Smooth running
  • All components on standard version are zinc plated and corrosion resistant
  • Enclosed solid gears
  • Complies with BS EN13157
  • Also available as a stainless steel, detachable crank, rope pay-off/free wheel function and adjustable handle radius


Product Type Lifting capacity 1st layer (kg) Lifting capacity last layer (kg) Wire rope diameter (mm) Wire rope capacity 1st layer (m) Wire rope capacity total (m) Number of layers Drum diameter (mm) Lift per crank turn (mm) Required effort (kg) Weight (kg)
KWV650 650 330 6 2.4 23 7 70 39 24 9

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