haacon-Wall/Column Mounted Manual Cable Drum Winch-Type 468.0.25/4751.0.4/4185.0.5 – HA-WM250/400/500

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Product Description

Product Overview – Wall Column Mounted Winches – Type 4751.0.4 / 4185.0.5 also known as HA-WM250 /HA-WM400 / HA-WM500

  • Self locking worm gear rope winch
  • Splash proof design for outside use
  • Folding Handle
  • High control over raising and lowering, due to the worm gearbox
  • 250kg to 500kg
  • Lifting capacities from 50kg to 3000kg
  • Worm-gear and Spur-gear brakes
  • All self sustaining (physically have to rotate crank handle to raise or lower the load, loads will not release unintentionally
  • Removable handle options
  • Powder coated, Zinc, Galv and Stainless Steel 304/316
  • Freewheel options
  • Removable handle options
Type Lifting Capacity 1st Layer: Lift per crank turn: Rope Capacity Total: Rope Diameter: Ratio: Required Effort: Weight:
468.0.25 250kg 5.8mm 3.3m 4mm 25:1 6.6 kg 5kg
4751.0.4 400kg 7.5mm 4m 6mm 25:1 18kg 6kg
4185.0.5 500kg 13mm 14m 6mm 25:1 13.8kg 12kg


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